Personal Chef Tim Meevasin | Cooking Classes
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Cooking Classes

Hone Your Cooking Skills

Chef Tim Meevasin is also a Culinary Instructor at Nothing To It! in Reno, NV and loves to teach the fundamentals of cooking, as much as he loves to cook! Private, hands-on classes are a  great way to learn new skills, try a new cuisine, and have some fun in the kitchen. With a hands-on cooking class, you can expect to:

  • Use a Chef’s knife safely and efficiently
  • Learn basic and advanced culinary techniques
  • Build confidence in cooking for yourself
  • Save money by learning to cook for yourself and family
  • Learn efficiency tips to maximize your time in the kitchen
  • Become more familiar with different ingredients
  • Learn about food safety and sanitation
  • Have fun!

Classes start at $100 per person and include a composed meal at the end of the class so you can enjoy the most rewarding part of cooking—eating! Classes are capped at 6 students to ensure optimum one-on-one time and quality instruction.

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