Tim Meevasin: Personal Chef

Chef Tim Meevasin is obsessed with food.  When he is not playing in a kitchen with a sauté pan and knife in hand he is: teaching, menu planning, photographing, and day dreaming about food.  He has a huge appetite for creating and turning raw ingredients into nourishment.  His obsession started as a child, when he idolized Julia Child and Jacque Pépin instead of Batman.  His fondest childhood memories are sitting at the kitchen table watching his grandma fix dinners and pretending to help her just to get free samples.

While obtaining his Business Degree at UNR, he started his first professional cooking position and was instantly hooked.  It was love at first bite and he started his journey as a chef.  Immediately after graduating UNR, he enrolled in Culinary School and spent the next several years working in local country clubs, bistros, bakeries, catering companies, and restaurants to fuel his passion.  Chef Tim graduated from a Culinary School accredited by the American Culinary Federation.  He is a member of the United States Personal Chef Association, is fully insured, and is a Washoe County Food Protection Manager.

Tim Meevasin works hard to honor his clients, ingredients, and his craft.  He truly is obsessed with food and springs out of bed every day to do what he loves.  Chef Tim also loves sharp kitchen knives and garlic.  Life is short, eat well!