When You Hire Chef Tim

Hiring a personal chef is much easier than you might think.  First, a complimentary, no-obligation meeting will take place between you and Chef Tim.  Whether you are interested in healthy meals prepared in your home, a dinner party, or a private cooking class, Chef Tim will discuss all of your dietary preferences and restrictions and create a custom menu just for you.

From there, he will confirm a date that works best for you, create a shopping list, and then do all of the grocery shopping the morning of your confirmed cook date to ensure only the freshest ingredients make it into your kitchen.  Everything is hand-picked by Chef Tim and sourced locally to ensure the highest quality.

Chef Tim and his Sous Chef will arrive with all of the equipment and groceries and prepare the custom menu that you helped design and approve.

If you hire Chef Tim for In-Home Prepared meals, your refrigerator and freezer will be stocked up with freshly-prepared meals, and all of your meals will be labeled and stored with reheating instructions.
If you hire Chef Tim for a dinner party, then he will bring the restaurant to you, including all of the fancy plates so the presentation of the food is as fun as all of the flavors on the plate.

That’s It!  Finito!  Your kitchen will be left cleaner than before we arrived and your home will be filled with the delicious smells and aromas of good food.